A web application for music streaming enthusiasts that relays information about users Spotify streaming habits through a visual language

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Just me!

My Role

Lead Designer,
Thesis Project


Adobe Creative Suite, HTML/CSS


6 months

Problem Space

Spotify does not allow users to see their music streaming data at all times.

Users want to feel a sense of joy and uniqueness when viewing their streaming habits.


Vizify is a way for users to see their streaming data as a generated visual info graphic.

Vizify allows users to see how their individual music taste translates into a piece of generated visuals that recognize users unique tastes, resulting in a feeling of joy.

How it works

Visual Language

Vizify connects to the user's Spotify account and uses their streaming data which translates into a Visual Language, a term used to describe how the streaming data translates into visuals.

The information in the info graphic that the user receives is rooted in the parameters of Spotify's API.

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Visual Language Explanation

  • Username data extracted from connecting to Spotify API
  • Takes users total streamed minutes
  • Takes users streaming data time and finds the mode. (This is a hypothetical feature, as far as the research uncovered this data cannot be extracted with just the Spotify API alone)
  • Takes users top 6 streamed albums and makes album art black and white to match the Vizify brand colours as the original colours of the album art would be too off brand
  • Takes users top 5 streamed songs and takes the song's data and turns it into an HSL colour
  • Takes users top 50 songs and finds the average level for each of these parameters from all 50 songs to translate to one number
  • Takes top 50 songs and plots them on a map of Danceability to Valence levels. Songs in a minor key are Vizify Blue, and songs in a major key are Vizify Red

Branding Assets

Supporting pieces were created to enhance the brand of Vizify.

These include a sticker pack, set of print posters and an instagram filter that was created with Spark AR.