An app that connects music fanatics of all kinds on one multi-purpose sharing, discovering and networking platform

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Mitch McKain↗

My Role

Lead on Visual Design, supported User Experience


Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe XD


August 2019
1 week


Music sharing is a way for humans to connect with one another. According to The Infinite Dial, 77% of young people use their friends and families as their main source for keeping up-to-date with music.

As music lovers ourselves, Mitch McKain and I were excited to start this passion project. This app should be an all-in-one place for indie heads, hip-hop fanatics and everyone in between to post about music in creative ways using the rating, commenting and sharing features while sparking conversations with friends new and old

How might we...

help users to discover, discuss and share music?


Primary Research

Since most users were on many different platforms to achieve the same goal: sharing, discussing and discovering new music, we realized how convenient it would be for users to have one main platform to do so.

Since most users were on many different platforms to achieve the same goal: sharing, discussing and discovering new music, we realized how convenient it would be for users to have one main platform to do so.

What do the users need?

Our research helped us come up with a few features and functions that the platform should have that would satisfy the intended users.

1. Discover

Make searching and finding new music easier for users with suggested albums, reviews and playlists.

2. Share

Allow users to share albums, playlists and reviews to give users a sense of ownership and agency over their profile.

3. Discuss

Give users the opportunity to interact through comments across the entire platform to allow a sense of community.



This shows the user’s typical journey during their first time using Vibrato.

This flowchart incorporates the discovering, sharing and discussion aspects.


Visual Style

We wanted Vibrato to be modern and vibrant, which is why we chose a dark theme. The secondary colours are a light purple and a bright green which contrast nicely against the dark background. The background colour is a very dark purple which is different than the dark grey that most apps use.

Vibrato's style visually resembles a bit of Spotify and Instagram. In today's age, users are most comfortable using new apps that feel familiar. Spotify and Instagram are extremely popular due to their intuitive design, and with Vibrato being an app with a large amount of different capabilities, the visual styles need to be simple and instinctive.

Focal Points of Vibrato

Some key features that Vibrato has to offer that make the app unique.

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Giving users the ability to rate albums on a numerical scale of 1-100 and add a written reviews will help them organize their opinions on different albums. These ratings also will be displayed on their profile for other users to view and add comments to. This promotes users to share opinions with each other and make new connections.


Music fanatics love showing off their personal style, this is why every user has a personal profile. Every post created will show up on their followers dashboards, as well as their own profile page. The users can post songs, albums or playlists that they have created.


To cater to the large amount of melophiles who just can't get enough new music, each user has a tailored to them discovery page.  This is where the user can view recommended reviews, albums, songs, artists and playlists based on their in-app viewing history and their imported data from their streaming service of choice.

Key Takeaways

This project is still in the works, as we have so many different ideas and functions that we would love to add to it. Some key things that I have learned while working on this project were:

  1. No project is ever complete. Especially in app design.
  2. The more iterations and changes the better. This is essential to creating a refined end product.
  3. Coloured backgrounds are hard to design against - try to stick to black, white and grey.