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An added profile feature to the existing UO app that helps grow engagement and sales



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October 2019
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Urban Outfitters is an ever growing lifestyle retail corporation that has expanded its sights across the globe.

Urban Outfitters already has an app where users can shop, but there are no social features. I asked myself if adding social features would help engage users further and drive sales.

How might we...

enrich the experience of using the Urban Outfitters app while further engaging users.

Competitor Research

Indirectly, Dote is a competitor of the UO app. Dote is a shopping application that relies heavily on social features. On Dote, users can shop and add items to their wishlists from multiple stores at once. Users also can also follow each other and communicate through the in-app messaging feature, as well as a unique feature that allows users to livestream their shopping experiences so their followers can shop along with them.

Urban Outfitters items are featured on Dote, but what if users didn't have to use a separate app to connect with one another?

Why should the UO profile feature exist?

Users need to feel a sense of ownership to make them more engaged. Allowing the users to have a profile where they can upload a display picture, their name, a username and short biography about themselves while also displaying their curated Wishlists allows them to feel more in control of their space, and more likely to use it. The follow feature also works as a social rewards system that gives the user a sense of recognition when they gain more followers. The more Wishlists they make, the more likely their follower count will rise.


This chart explains how the new profile feature would integrate into the already existing UO app. The blue flowchart boxes indicated existing features on the app, the purple box indicates the flow of how the user accesses the feature. The default page of the feature is the user's personal profile.

Visual Style

The UI is simple so that the users can focus on the wishlist items rather than the UI of the app. A black and white theme goes with any wishlist image, and matches the Urban Outfitters brand as well.

main features of the new uo profile


As a user starts following others, their new Wishlists and Wishlists updates (i.e. adding another item to their Wishlist) will show up here.

new wishlist

Users can add a new wishlist through here or through the existing way when viewing an item on the UO app. Users can add custom names and details to their Wishlists. Users can also choose if their Wishlist is public or private.


Users can search for other Wishlists and users in this feature.

Back to urban outfitters

This navigates the user back to the dashboard of the original Urban Outfitters app where they can begin shopping again.


Users can upload a profile picture, display name, username and biography while also showing their Wishlists here. Users can interact by following each other's profiles. All of the users following and followers will be displayed on their profile, as well as the number of Wishlists they have created.

Key takeaways

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